Confusing thoughts can be caused by a wide range of things, whether real or imagined.

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Confusing thoughts can be caused by a wide range of things.

Causes Of Confusing Thoughts

We can often get confused when we are in a different environment, especially in a new town or city, and consequently end up getting lost. This can become increasingly unnerving the longer we take to find our way and result in getting even more lost!

More mundane ways that we can experience confusing thoughts is when we can’t find something, but are convinced we had left it in a specific place. This can happen when someone visits us and we become distracted by the doorbell ringing. We then don’t have a clear picture of where we had put something, because we are suddenly concentrating on answering the door instead.

Anything that we perceive to be out of the ordinary can be a cause for confusing thoughts. It can be someone we know acting in a way that’s alien to their usual behaviour and we can’t work out why, or confusing thoughts can be brought about by having problems accomplishing something we are normally adept at. These feelings can affect many sportsmen and sportswomen, when their form dips for no apparent reason. It can often be down to bad luck, or an opponent playing well above themselves, but if bad form continues there will be a tendency to over analyse things and be confused as to why things aren’t going well.

More Distressing Reasons For Confusing Thoughts

When we are stressed we can often feel confused regarding what to do for the best. We can sometimes think too much about something and confusing thoughts will often be the result. We can also experience confusing feelings after we have worked out something incorrectly. When this involves money this can be worrying. As human beings we all make mistakes, but the confusing nature of how we came to make such mistakes can be disconcerting. Fear can contribute to having a confused and flustered state of mind, too. The fear may not be based on reality, but on feelings we’ve allowed to develop, such as the fear of losing our job.

Confusing thoughts can be caused when our brain is influenced by alcohol or drugs, or by medical conditions such as dementia. This is particularly true when thoughts affected by alcohol, drugs, or dementia can become so distorted that some things will be imagined.

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