Disturbing feelings can be caused by things that actually affect us, but sometimes they can be caused by worrying about something that turns out not to be a problem.

The Impact Of Uncertainty

Uncertainty can be disconcerting and be enough to fuel disturbing thoughts. One example is if someone we were expecting to arrive doesn’t turn up at the appointed time. We can begin worrying about what may have happened, and the more minutes that pass the more concerned we will tend to be.

woman sitting in bed with disturbing thoughts

It’s almost impossible to shut out disturbing thoughts entirely.

The Effect Of News Stories

We can experience disturbing thoughts because of a news story, though it doesn’t affect us directly. This could be through thinking about the specific news story, worrying about possible consequences, or a combination of the two.

It’s almost impossible to shut out disturbing thoughts entirely, because, during sleep, thoughts we’ve suppressed during the day can invade our dreams. These won’t necessarily be full-blown nightmares, but they can be deeply unsettling – especially if we remember the dream with great clarity when we wake up.

Feeling disturbed by something means that we have often recognised something to be rightly concerned about. When a heinous crime has been committed we should view it as disturbing, and being so proves that we have a sense of morality – and have not become immune to hearing about tragedies affecting other people.

Being Disturbed By A Person’s Behaviour

Sometimes we’ll find a person’s behaviour confusing, which can then lead to disturbing feelings. Suddenly, a person we thought we knew very well doesn’t seem to be the person we thought they were. Or, when stressed, they reveal a side of their character that we had never seen before. This can be unnerving, especially if we are in a relationship with the person concerned.

Experiencing disturbing feelings is perfectly normal. It only becomes abnormal, when those feelings get distorted and we end up having an irrational fear of something. This is something that can often be rectified by addressing the specific fear rather than from running away from it.

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