Unnerving feelings are typically the result of experiencing something that we are not used to encountering. An example would be to be placed in a situation of danger and, because we have no previous experience of handling this type of situation, we become uncertain and unsure.

fire breaks out on a photovoltaic board

If a fire breaks out in a building it will certainly be an unnerving situation.

The Ability To Remain Rational

An unnerving experience may be a worrying one, but our senses can also be heightened and we will often actually end up coping with the situation. If a fire breaks out in a building it will certainly be an unnerving situation, but many of us will still remain rational. We will look for fire exits, or, in the case of a small fire, look around for fire extinguishers.

One of the typical aspects of feeling unnerved is to feel a sense of confusion. We are out of our comfort zone and things aren’t as they normally are, so this is confusing and a shock to the system. Though this may be a momentary feeling it’s still disconcerting, and it’s understandable to feel a sense of either panic or bewilderment. Often, after the initial shock, the human mind will assess the situation and respond accordingly.

Things That Can Unnerve Us

We can find a variety of things unnerving, but these don’t always have to be something that we deem to be potentially dangerous. We can find meeting up with an old friend unnerving, because they have dramatically changed their appearance or views since we last saw them. Unexpected changes in our lives can also generally be unnerving – even when it’s something good like a promotion at work. This is because it’s a natural human feeling to be wary of the unknown.

Learning From Past Experiences

An unnerving situation can help us to find out a lot about ourselves. We’ll discover whether we can cope with an unexpected situation and appear calm – even if it’s just on the surface.

The experience of successfully handling unnerving experiences can also benefit us in the future. While every new and unexpected situation may still be unnerving, we will have gained some strength from how we’ve dealt with these situations in the past.

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